Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Doggo Doggo products. If you haven't found the answer to your question, please use our contact form.


What is the difference between REGULAR and SLIM sizes?

To ensure that the clothes fit as best as possible, we have prepared two size options for you:

- REGULAR: this size guide is intended for dogs with normal and wider chests. These clothes are also characterized by a shorter cut. They will fit well on dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers or English Staffies

- SLIM: this size variant is designed for dogs with slightly narrower chests, such as English Greyhounds or Manchester Terriers . Clothes from this size line will have a slightly longer cut.

Remember that when in doubt, it is better to choose a larger size than too small.

How to measure your dog correctly?

To properly measure your dog using three measurements: neck circumference, chest circumference and length from neck to tail, follow these instructions:

Neck circumference:
Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your dog's neck just at the base of where the collar normally sits. Make sure the measuring cup fits loosely around your neck and does not tighten on your skin.

Chest circumference:
Place the measuring tape around your dog's chest, at the widest part - just behind the shoulder blades. Make sure the measuring cup fits loosely.

Length from neck to tail:
Place one end of the tape measure on the dog's neck (start of the neck) and extend the tape measure along the spine to the base of the tail. Make sure the measuring cup is straight and not curved, and that it is placed against your dog's body.

Record the measurements and choose the right size for your pet from the table.

Remember that it is important to remain calm and gentle when measuring your dog. If your dog is impatient or reluctant to measure, you can ask someone to help hold him in place or provide treats as motivation.

What does the size chart look like?